Generating CSR for Plesk

To generate the CSR for Plesk control panel, kindly use the following:

- Login to your Plesk control panel.
- Click on "SSL certificates".
SSLPlesk1.png- Click on "Manage". 

- Click on “Add SSL/TLS Certificate”
Fill in the fields. The fields marked with an asterisk are required. When you have completed all fields, click "Request" to generate the CSR.
SSLPlesk3.pngCountry: Select your country from the drop-down list.
State or province: Provide the complete name for your state or region.
Location (city): Provide the complete name for your city.
Organization name (company): Provide the legally-registered name for your business. If not applicable, you can put ‘NA’.
Domain name: Enter the fully qualified domain name for which the SSL will be activated. The domain name for Wildcard certificates should be represented with an asterisk in front of the domain (*
E-mail: Enter your email address. The email used for CSR generation will not be used for domain control validation or for reception of the issued certificate.

You will be redirect back to the previous page with the message "The SSL/TLS certificate was issued. To make it work, assign the certificate to secure a domain, mail, or webmail".

Click on the certificate that you created earlier.
Scroll down and look for the section "CSR" then copy from "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----" to "-----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----"
SSLPlesk5.pngIf the CSR you copied is for the Sectigo SSL certificate that you have purchased with us, kindly follow this url on how to do the CSR submission in our portal -

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