Free SSL vs Paid SSL

Free SSL from Certificate Authority from Let’s Encrypt and Sectigo are automated and open services that allow you to create SSL certificates on your site without any email validation needed. However, there are differences between Free SSL and Paid SSL.

Rate Limit 
There is a rate limit for the number of sub domains Free SSL secures. However for our Paid Wildcard SSL, it allows you to secure unlimited number of sub domains.

SSL Validation Type
Free SSL Certificates are Domain Validated (DV), not Organisation Validated (OV) or Extended Validated (EV).
If you are currently paying for a DV SSL certificate, you can consider setting up Free SSL at no cost. However, it does not come with assurance like Paid SSL does. Moreover, there is also no technical support provided for Free SSL. 

For DV certificate, it may not suitable for all businesses in particular, mid-sized to big establishments such as banks and e-commerce business where a high integrity is expected of websites. In such cases, an OV and EV certificate can set you apart from the saturated market of low assurance websites encrypted with DV certificates. If you’re looking at the green bar of assurance, for a higher level of trust, you’ll definitely need to pay for an extra amount for the work needed to validate your company.

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