How to make payment

Using available Credits
If you have credits in your account, you can use the available credits to pay for the invoices.

Login to our billing area >
On the main page of the billing area, click on "Invoices".
Select the invoice you wish to make payment for.
You will see an "Apply Credit" section. Kindly ensure the amount of credit you want to apply to this invoice is correct and click on "Apply credit" box. 

If you still need to top up the remaining amount, kindly use the methods mentioned below. 

Payment by Credit Card

Please refer to

Payment by other Payment Modes

You may make payment through other payment modes. For details, please refer to
Once payment has been completed, kindly send an an email to with the following information:
1) Date of Payment
2) Mode of Payment
3) Payment Amount
4) Transaction Code for your Payment
5) Invoices you are paying for
6) What bank was the payment made from

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