How to transfer ownership of domain name and hosting service

In this example we will use two terms, owner and new person.

 Owner: The person who presently holds the ownership of the domain name and service.

New person:  The person whom you want to transfer the ownership for domain name/hosting service to.

 Step 1. The owner will need to ask the new person to create a new billing account with us using this link >

 Step 2. After create the new billing account please let us know the new email address of new person eg.

 Step 3. To transfer the domain name/hosting service, the owner must initiate the transfer request by sending us an email to with the similar content: “I wish to transfer my domain/hosting service to this person, whom will be taking over the ownership”

Step 4. Once the transfer is approved, the domain and hosting ownership will change. The domain name and hosting service will be removed from your account and will be transferred to the new person’s account. 

 Step 5. After that the new person need to login our billing area > to update domain contact information Eg. domain registrar email, contact and others. For ownership of hosting service our system will send the provision email to the new person’s email. After completing step 5 the new person is the official account holder of domain name and hosting service.

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