Migrate WordPress Website Files & Database to cPanel

If you wish to transfer or migrate your existing WordPress website to APC's cPanel hosting and have the wordpress file and database, you may follow this guide.

Alternatively if you wish to use wordpress plugin to migrate kindly visit the other kb https://portal.apc.sg/en/support/solutions/articles/14000143024-migrate-wordpress-websites-to-cpanel-using-plugin

Should you have any concerns, kindly consider engaging a WordPress developer to perform the WordPress migration for you. If you do not have one, you may consider getting a freelancer from Fiverr.com to assist in your migration. 

Do note that APC takes no responsibility for any arrangement or contract you made with freelancers from the platform.

You need to have your WordPress files and database ready before proceeding:

1. Login to your cPanel and use "File Manager" function to upload your wordpress files into the public_html folder. Alternatively if you are familiar with FTP, you can use your FTP credentials and perform the same using FTP Manager E.g. Filezilla, WinSCP.



2. Restore your database using the "Backup" and "Restore a MySQL Database Backup" function followed by clicking "Upload" which will start the database restore process. The database file used can be in the format .sql or .sql.gz.





3. Create the database user using "Add New User" function followed by clicking "Create User". Take down the database username and password used as you will need it later.

Next using "Add User To Database" function followed by clicking "Add" to assign your database user to the database you restored in Step 2 above.

Next remember to tick "ALL PRIVILEGES" followed by clicking "Make Changes"




4. Follow Step 1. to access your wp-config.php file in your public_html folder. Next replace the old database name, user and password with the new credentials created in Step 3. The new credentials should be placed inside the ' ' quotation marks in your wp-config.php file.


5. The migration is completed at this point and the final step is to change your DNS to APC servers.

If your domain name is with APC, you can refer to this guide: https://support.apc.sg/knowledgebase/article/changing-of-domain-nameservers

If your domain name is not purchased from APC, Please check with your domain provider on how you can make the change.

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