FAQ New Helpdesk

As the users may aware, we have moved to the new Helpdesk System.

We have prepared the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our new Helpdesk System. 

1) Why I need to submit case from portal , previously I can submit from WHMCS billing system

Since we have moved to the new Helpdesk system, its directly integrated to the new portal activation. 

2) How to submit a case from portal ?

Requester      -> Your associated email account

Subject           -> The subject of the issue

Department   -> The associated department where your issue is related to

Priority           -> Choose the priority based on the sense of urgency of the issue

Description    -> Briefly specify the nature of the problem with complete details as domain name, exact error encountered red with the necessary screenshots. 

Attach a file    -> If required may attach file/screenshot/image to describe on the problem

  • Finally click on Submit and you will be receiving an automated reply from us indicating the Case ID.

3) How to retrieve previous old case from old helpdesk ? 

You may request us via email for the old case and we will export out the case in pdf form.

4) What is the other option to submit case apart from portal? 

You may send an email to support@apc.sg with the brief description of the problem encountered.

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